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To Asheville & Beyond may be coming soon to a City near you. Let’s make a plan, create an experience, and tell the whole world about it!


Are you coming to my city soon?

We love to travel and if you want us to visit your business when we are on the road, on a plane, or on a ship, contact us and we will get your on the list!

How many people are on your traveling media team?

Usually there are just 2 or 3 of us, but sometimes we collaborate with other people in your local community for more reach and a better experience.

How much do your traveling media services cost?

We work off of in-kind donations. Our partners take care of us and there is not an charge other than hosting us.

Can we get other businesses involved with your traveling media team?

Of course, we love referrals, so if you have an amazing restaurant, hotel, tour, or other activity that you believe we should experience; please put us in touch!


I need help with many of the services you offer. How do you begin this process?

The first step is usually meeting either in-person or with an online video call. From there, we do an evaluation of your web and marketing assets. Then we present a plan that you and your team can review.

We just need a tour for a few hours. How does that work?

We offer custom tours that fits your schedule. so whether it is a couple of hours or a couple of days, we will work to accommodate you!

I want to party and celebrate like never before. Can you make that happen?

Yes! We can take you out on an amazing night to remember, with executive transportation and private security if you so desire.

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