Amtrak Is Coming To Asheville & These Are The 4 Stops

Asheville NC Amtrak Train Service

There is a whole lot of excitement brewing as Amtrak has proposed new service to Asheville and Wilmington NC. We are ecstatic to know that we will soon be able to jump on a passenger train from the mountains of Asheville and arrive at a beach in Wilmington in just a few hours. And we can work, or nap, or party while we ride! There are plenty of places Amtrak could make stops in the Asheville area, but here are the four stops that we highly recommend:

Old Fort North Carolina – The “Gateway to the Mountains” is a great spot for Amtrak to make their first stop in the Western NC area. This area is one of the up and coming communities in McDowell County that has so much outdoor life to offer. This depot is now used as an art gallery and real estate office, but there is also so much other buildings and space along these tracks that is not being used.

Amtrak Old Fort North Carolina

Black Mountain North Carolina – This town at the edge of Buncombe County is a not only a relaxed alternative to Asheville, but they already have a train depot and lots space to build a bigger one if needed.  There is an old supermarket near the train tracks that could easily become the perfect building for a new train depot. Plus, they have a dog park, river access, and a walking trail right behind it.

Amtrak Black Mountain North Carolina

Biltmore Village in Asheville North Carolina – Being only 5 minutes from downtown Asheville, this stop is a must! Plus, you have the Biltmore Estate nearby, amazing restaurants, breweries, and lots of shopping all within a short walk. The old train depot is now a restaurant, but right across the tracks is a business park that has been suffering for years and could use a revived concept. The other option is near the Habitat store, a great building that could be turned into a train depot without much work at all.

Amtrak Asheville - Biltmore Village NC

Arden North Carolina – You have heard the jingle “take the train to the plane” and the southern part of Asheville, Arden, is the perfect place to make that happen! Amtrak and Asheville really need to expand their vision, think ahead on this one, and get this important infrastructure in place from the beginning. Norfolk Southern already has a line running right through this area and it’s just a few minutes away from the Asheville airport, so this is a no brainer. Plus, it would be great for people who wish to access Hendersonville NC as well as Brevard – the land of waterfalls.

AVL Airport Asheville NC Amtrak

After surviving this pandemic, what better way is there to travel than taking a train across the state, across the country, touring so many amazing destinations that were unreachable before, except by plane or by exhausting yourself while driving long distances. This is the chance for Amtrak to have a revolution, and we are so ready for this! Amtrak, please put Asheville on your schedule ASAP. We have the money and many passengers just waiting for you.


  • Dell McCann says:

    I hope there is secure parking at these locations. Atlanta’s parking area is awful, or was years ago when I used Amtrak. I love traveling by train!

    • admin says:

      Hi Dell, luckily we have plenty of space to create parking around here, but we hope they think ahead and build that parking to grow with the community and travelers.

  • Ross says:

    Not to rain on our parade here (as I am equally excited), but it’s worth noting that plans for Amtrak to Asheville have been in the works since 2001. And this new “vision” Amtrak just released is for 2035. These things just move painfully slow. More importantly, Asheville no longer has a train station, so the City has to get working on a new one ASAP. Also, the “W Line” running from Biltmore (Village) to Arden and beyond is no longer owned by Norfolk Southern. Watco, a national short line operator, bought it in 2014. Even with that in mind, it would be great if the City/County could strike a deal with Watco and maybe operate a new light rail line to the airport (as I doubt Amtrak would continue their route that far). That’s certainly my dream!

    • admin says:

      Exactly, Ross. We have heard that they already purchased some of the NS line coming into Asheville, so we hope this moves much quicker than planned. We know they could get this done, and even have airport access if they work with Watco, but when is definitely the question.

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