VIDEO: Visit Main Street Johnson City Tennessee

Folks are always talking about the old Asheville, like before it became Beer City USA, before tourists started buying homes, and before the crime numbers rose. As with mostly anything else in life, as you grow and gentrify, you have more potential opportunities and more potential issues to deal with. It’s a numbers game. How a city deals with them is the concern. So now, as Asheville scrambles to provide housing, pave more highways, offer better wages, and technically revamp the whole infrastructure of this City; some people are just saying goodbye to the area and moving elsewhere. Eastern Tennessee is one of those areas, and Johnson City is the hub. Surrounded by it are so many cute little towns such as Bristol, Kingsport, Jonesborough, and Erwin. We’re doing videos in all of those areas. Please take a moment to watch this video that takes you down Main Street in Johnson City Tennessee.

While based in Asheville for the most part, we love traveling over to Johnson City Tennessee to escape the hustle and bustle of our hometown, try some local restaurants, and just enjoy the country culture in JC. And, as of this year, some of our team members now live in Johnson City. We’re looking forward to experiencing everything that JC has to offer and then some! We hope you make plans to visit Johnson City in the near future too.

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