Vegan Deliciousness at Plant Restaurant in Asheville North Carolina

We were lucky enough to get a seat at the amazing Plant Vegan Restaurant in Asheville. Their menu is incredible and there are so many healthy options. We started off with the grilled beets to begin the evening.

One of the dishes we ordered was the smoked mushrooms, which had a meaty taste to them. It was served over a cauliflower risotto. I really enjoyed this dish, definitely one of my favorites here at Plant Restaurant.

The ravioli dish was so delicious that we ended up sharing it. Cremini and Ricotta! You cannot go wrong with anything on this menu.

And for dessert, we decided on the carrot cake. One of us grew up on carrot cake and the other never really liked it, but we ordered it anyway, and we are so glad we did! The perfect ending to a top notch vegan cuisine meal. Thank you Plant!

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