Traveling Media Team

We are a traveling media team based in Asheville, North Carolina, that specializes in documenting experiences using multimedia and social media to promote local businesses, accommodations, and locales, like yours. We document our trips in articles, photos, and videos to build awareness and excitement about your business. We visit a city, stay at an amazing place (or places), eat at favorite spots, visit local drinking establishments, and do a variety of fun activities, such as shop, antique, or hike, just like any visitor or tourist might do. The difference is that we add value: we record every experience and share our results on several high-traffic social media platforms to generate buzz for your business and future patrons. Using professional photography, videography, and fun articles about all our experiences, we link to your website, social media accounts, and other local businesses to distribute across several established outlets. Basically, we create multimedia advertising but without high advertising prices to attract people to visit your area and have the same experiences.

Unless we are commissioned for a specific project, our services are performed entirely with in-kind donations of lodging, meals, items, and fees. We do not charge for any of the work product, and you’ll be free to link to, reshare, embed, and promote any of the content we produce on your own web platforms. We simply need a host and a few days to capture the experiences for production, typically within two weeks.

We encourage our hosts to connect us with other businesses to create a well-rounded comprehensive experience: the more local partners who are involved, the better the photos we can take, videos we can make, and stories we can tell about a location and trip. We want to build our platforms while also building yours; well-told experiences bring customers in and gain traction in markets outside of yours.

Street Art Media

When we visit a city or town, we make our way around in a very comprehensive manner. From street mural art, to landmarks, historic buildings, architecture, and more!

Traveling Media Team - Hotels & Lodging

Wherever we stay, we get photos and videos that feature our hotel and lodging accommodations. If you have a short-term rental that you would like us to stay in, contact us!

Traveling Media Team - Restaurants & Food

There are so many delicious restaurants and we want to feature as many as we can during our travels. If you are a Chef or Owner, contact us about making a stop at your spot!

``Thank you for capturing the vibe of our city``