Over 100 Things To Do In Asheville For Spring & Summer 2024

Asheville has been the Go-To Spot for quite some time now. And every day, there is a new experience in the making, a new restaurant opening, a new adventure to pursue. Well we have put together over 100 Things To Do in Asheville North Carolina. Some are old and true, and some are new. Now let’s have some fun!

North Asheville:

  1. Eat, Drink, Watch a Movie at Asheville Pizza & Brewing – this spot is a pizzeria, brewery, and theater all rolled into one big building. And now they are releasing some spirits, including a pre-made Old Fashioned cocktail, and a Ninja Spirits Vodka.
  2. Eat & Drink at Rye Knot – the folks here have taken on a big project. A bar, restaurant, brewery, and distillery all wrapped into one cozy spot in the back corner of this building that features many local businesses.
  3. Walk around Beaver Lake – such a beautiful spot on the very tip of North Asheville, before going into Woodfin NC.
  4. Eat at Vinnie’s Italian Cuisine – talk about delicious Italian food, this is it! Everything here is pretty great and authentic.
  5. Visit the Botanical Gardens – get out and about in nature, beauty, a little stream running through it, a few water holes for the kids, and lots of space to relax and enjoy the fresh mountain air. This spot is also used for weddings and other events.
  6. Eat at Avenue M Restaurant – what a great spot this is in north Asheville! Delicious eats, cocktails, and lots of fine wines to choose from.
  7. Watch Birds at the Sanctuary – I’m just getting into birds, and this spot attracts a lot of them. They did some renovation here and it is looking good! This is also a great spot for a romantic walk or some prayers & meditation.
  8. Eat Asheville-made Ice Cream at The Hop – this is the original ice cream shop that we loved going to years ago, and then Greg & Ashley bought it and made it better than ever!
  9. Visit Weaver Park – whether you are looking to picnic, playground, play tennis or basketball, or just walk around the park on a trail; this place has it all. And it’s right behind Luella’s BBQ and Yolo Frozen Yogurt!
  10. Eat Deliciousness at Geraldine’s Bakery – loved baked goods? This bakery in north Asheville has a New York vibe and it is so delicious! We have been going here for years and it is tried and true.
  11. Visit the Grove Park Inn – it’s always beautiful inside here, along with a bar on the main level, several restaurants and shops, a piano bar on the lower level, a spa, and incredible views!

South Asheville:

  1. Eat & Drink at 12 Bones BBQ & Brewery – such great food and beer here at this spot! Remember, 12 Bones kinda put Asheville on the map for barbecue, and now they chased it with some craft beer. Go here!
  2. Take the kids to Launch Trampoline Park – they love this place. They have lots of bounce rooms, a dodge ball area, climbing section, and even an elevated spot for the adults where they can hang, drink beer, and watch over the kiddos from above. Nice!
  3. The WNC AG Center – From fairs, to monster truck shows, to concerts and more; there are always lots of events here to check out here.
  4. Visit Lake Julian – here’s a lake that’s fun for everyone. Go boating, fishing, walking, running, let the kids play in the big playground, check out the ducks, and have a great time here! Wild Wing Cafe is right next door too!
  5. Eat at The New York Butcher Shoppe – looking for some of the freshest meats that you can find in Western North Carolina? Well here it is! They also have a bunch of delicious ready-made meals to choose from, as well as a deli to make sandwiches on demand. Love this place!
  6. Visit the YMCA – are you a member of the Y? This location has so much to offer, including a big indoor swimming p00l, plus it’s located inside Biltmore Park, around a bunch of shops and restaurants!
  7. Drink at Bluebird Bubble Tea – have you tried Bubble Tea yet? Well this spot has the best that I have ever tried, in Asheville and beyond!
  8. Eat at Mr. Sushi – these wonderful folks have been cooking up deliciousness for years, from sushi to hibachi, to specialty Asian dishes! They also have a location in north Asheville on Merrimon Ave.
  9. Visit Biltmore Park Town Square – so many great places to eat here from Taco Boy, to Sweet Escape Frozen Yogurt, Luella’s BBQ, and Nine Mile. They also have lots of boutique style stores and a big movie theater on site.
  10. Eat at The Sweet Plantain Food Truck – you have to try these amazingly delicious sandwiches at this stationary food truck in south Asheville. So delicious!
  11. Play some Putt-Putt – we have so much fun playing putt putt golf at this spot in south Asheville. I actually got the hardest shot on the course as a hole-in-one!
  12. Find & Eat at Garage BBQ – want some delicious barbecue from a food truck? Brisket, chicken, and pork barbecue galore. Definitely find where Jonathan is and eat his BBQ!!!

East Asheville:

  1. Visit the Asheville Mall – malls aren’t what they used to be to our local communities, but our mall does have some great stores and shops to visit, as well as a few popular restaurants that you must try! See a video of one of their restaurants by clicking here!
  2. River Ridge Marketplace – several great shops such as Gabe’s, Hamrick’s, and eats at Black Bear BBQ. In the shopping center across the street, there is Ay Caramba Mexican Grill and Mr. Kabab, two more tasty spots!
  3. Eat at La Rumba Restaurant Latino – this is some of the best Latin cuisine that you can find in the area! All types of dishes from many different Latino countries.
  4. Play Golf – the municipal golf course is based in east Asheville, right down the street from Wal-Mart!
  5. Take the Kids to Chuck-E-Cheese – Asheville is limited when it comes to stuff for the kiddos, but the kids always love this place. The Asheville location has been upgraded in the last few years, and we have had several great experiences here. Hell, they even serve craft beer nowadays!
  6. Visit the WNC Nature Center – this is a great place to check out if you like nature, mixed with a bunch of wildlife. Love what they are doing at this center and hope the community makes full use of it this year!
  7. Eat, Drink & Play at Creekside Taphouse – this place is a staple on the east side of town for brews and good times! Their outdoor space is a favorite of many.
  8. Go Bowling – this was our bowling spot for years when we lived in the Kenilworth community! Such a great place to hang, bowl and have a good time.
  9. Go to the Movies – there is only one movie theater left on this side of town, the AMF River Hills and it is a great place to watch a movie.
  10. Eat at Filo Bakery – we have been going here for so many years, and Maria makes amazing pastries, cakes, and coffees! Visit this little cute cafe. Getting married? Want a wedding cake? There are times that they needed a 1 year notice. Yes, it’s that good!

West Asheville:

  1. Get a Tattoo – the crew at Diamond Thieves have always been our go-to spot in west Asheville, but believe me, there are so many great tattoo shops on the westside of town. Get tattooed already!
  2. Visit Carrier Park – get out & about here at this great spot that runs along the river, has a basketball court, a roller skating rink, volleyball courts, and an incredible race track where you can ride your bike, skateboard, roller skates, and more!
  3. Eat at Biscuit Head – this goes without saying, but you need to put some south in your mouth. I’m talking biscuits and gravy at this delicious spot in West Asheville NC!
  4. Take a Brewery Tour – there are several great breweries and so much culture on the west side of town. Love craft beer and walking the city streets? Try this tour!
  5. Eat at Gemelli Italian Cuisine – this spot is looking like our favorite Italian food spot in all of Western North Carolina!
  6. Play Games at the Retrocade – definitely a fun spot for the kids, but adults love it too! They have an arcade, pinball, video games, a bar, craft beer on taps for those over 21, a cool coffee shop next door. and so much to do on this strip right here!
  7. Eat at Sunny Point Cafe – this spot on Haywood Road in West Asheville is a cornerstone of the community. They planted this restaurant years ago when the area was pretty much barren, and then went on to win the best breakfast or brunch in America. Always delicious here!
  8. Drink Beer at 777 Brewing – one of Asheville’s lower key breweries, connected to Westville Pub which has lots of beer, cocktails, and grub!
  9. Stay at an Airbnb – coming in from out of town? Or maybe you are nearby but want to stay somewhere that you can just walk to everything? Check this spot out!
  10. Eat at Rocky’s Hot Chicken – for all of you hot chicken fans out there, this is your spot! Rocky’s has been giving Asheville the bird for so many years now. Always delish!
  11. Go Escape from a Room – did you know that west Asheville has an Escape Room? Actually a few of them, even a submarine themed room!
  12. Eat Donuts at HOLE – these donuts are so amazingly delicious. This spot is a must stop, and you can watch them make your donuts right in front of you. Meet the famed Laurie Movie Gal here too, and get your photo with her!
  13. Take Your Dog to the Park – there is a designated, fenced-in dog park here in west Asheville. The park has a walking path, river access, and it connects into Carrier Park.
  14. Eat at Botiwalla – some quick and yummy Indian street food here at this little spot on the westside!
  15. Go Climbing – kids and adults love taking on the climbing walls and challenges that they offer here!
  16. Go Axe Throwing – you never know when you will need this skill, so I try to practice here at least once a year. Always fun, drinking brews & throwing axes, bullseye!
  17. Visit & Drink Craft Brews at New Belgium Brewing – this giant brewery came to west Asheville and built a great experience down by the river side! Craft brews, tours, live music, food trucks, and outdoor space.
  18. Eat at Jargon Restaurant – always love the delicious dishes that come out of this kitchen. This restaurant is mandatory when visiting west Asheville!
  19. Go Bowling  – the westside bowling alley has a giant mural on the outside of it that was painted by Ishmael and the crew a few years ago. We always have so much fun eating, drinking, and bowling at this spot!
  20. Eat & Drink at Oyster House Brewing – we love this little swanky brewery on Haywood Road in west Asheville! I’m not into oysters much, but their trout dish with crawfish ragu is to die for, or better yet, live for!
  21. Drink Wine at Leo’s House of Thirst – thinking about fine wining and dining? This is the perfect spot to do just that. Great eats, wine, and outdoor space!
  22. Late Night Eats at Tastee Diner – well any time that they are open, this hipster diner is cooking up some local deliciousness, and they stay open later than most eateries.
  23. Go to the Rage Room – you mad? Wanna fight? Well you can now legally rage out in west Asheville!
  24. Eat Wings at Haywood Lounge – voted the best wings in the Asheville area so many times! Thank you Jose!!!
  25. Play Mini-Golf at Tropical Gardens – always a great time at this place, right off Patton Avenue!

Downtown Asheville:

  1. Drum & Dance at the Asheville Drum Circle – every Friday night, from Spring to late Fall, at Pritchard Park in Downtown Asheville!
  2. Ride with Pedal Cab Co. – thinking about taking a fun ride around downtown Asheville? Try Pedal as they have just launched their new business in the community. See the video by clicking here!
  3. Drink Spirits at Dalton Distillery – check out this distillery located right across from the baseball field, on the South end of downtown Asheville, just 2 blocks away from The South Slope!
  4. Eat at Laila Indian Cuisine – fine Indian cuisine right in the middle of downtown Asheville, just a couple of doors up from The Orange Peel, and so delicious!
  5. Ride on LaZoom Tours – if you have never rode on the LaZoom bus, you have missed out on so much fun. Take a tour through downtown Asheville with these guys and you won’t be disappointed!
  6. Go on a Brewery Tour – Yes, get chauffeured around Asheville while you drink brews and learn about the history of Beer City USA!
  7. Hang at Pack Square – you never know what you will bump into here, from rallies, to protests, benefits, revivals, concerts, buskers and more; it’s all a part of downtown Asheville!
  8. Eat at Posana – such delicious food always comes out of this eatery in the middle of downtown Asheville. Plus they are Gluten-Free!
  9. Drink Spirits at Cultivated Cocktails – here’s a distillery right downtown that features some tasty cocktail creations. Then you can buy and bottle and take it home with ya!
  10. Eat with Asheville Food Tours – hungry and in the mood to take a tour? This is a great experience that introduces you to several featured restaurants in the area.
  11. Visit the Asheville Art Museum – coming to Asheville and love art? Well there’s no better place to start than the art museum!
  12. Eat at Curate – one of the best, if not The Best, restaurant in Asheville. Of course that depends on what you like to eat, but if you are looking for that special one-of-a-kind meal, you will most likely find it here!
  13. Shop at The L.O.F.T – this store has so many little funky items and is a favorite of many, local and tourists alike.
  14. Go To A Concert at The Orange Peel – this is Asheville’s premiere concert venue and they bring so many grand shows to town. Whether you live here or are visiting, check out their concert schedule!
  15. Drink Craft Beer at Wicked Weed Brewing – lot’s of tasty craft beer here as well as outdoor space to hang, play games, and have a great time with friends!
  16. Get Wined at the Asheville Wine Market – here’s a great wine shop right in the middle of downtown Asheville!
  17. Eat Dim Sum at Shanghai Dumpling House – have you tried traditional Chinese cuisine? I traveled China for a few months and was never able to find Pork Fried Rice and Sweet & Sour Pork lol. This is true authentic Chinese food, like they eat in China, not Americanese food.
  18. Visit the Architecture Trail – love Architecture? Well this is the trail for you. There are so many incredible architectural gems all around our community!
  19. Ride on a Fire Engine – here is Asheville’s newest tour, on a Fire truck, rolling through downtown! See some video by clicking here!
  20. Shop at Mast General Store – love going into this store, in so many towns, everywhere we travel. The one in downtown Asheville is great. Plus, there are usually street entertainers right outside the entrance.
  21. Visit the S&W Market – hungry? This spot has several great eateries to choose from, plus dessert, and craft beer of course. Great architectural structure inside and out.
  22. Break out of an Escape Room – yes, we have an escape room in downtown Asheville!
  23. Drink Coffee on the Double Decker Bus – this bus has been a staple in downtown Asheville for many years, and you can get a nice variety of coffee & desserts right here!
  24. Eat at Bee Thai Kitchen – this spot just opened up in the same location as the famed “Little Bee’s Thai” who expanded from a gas station in south Asheville, to a food truck, to a restaurant, and has now recently retired. Check out one of Asheville’s newest eateries!
  25. Visit the Asheville Museum of Science – we had so much fun here recently with the kids. It was good to get away from the hustle and bustle downtown for a few and enjoy this space!
  26. Watch a Movie at the Fine Arts Theater – this is the only movie theater left in downtown Asheville and they feature some amazing movies!
  27. Smoke a Cigar at Boomer’s – did you know that downtown Asheville has a bourbon bar and cigar lounge? Yes!
  28. Visit the Urban Trail – lots of sights and sites to see on this trail!!!
  29. Go to a Concert at Rabbit Rabbit – here’s a great outdoor venue that hosts local, regional, national, and international performances!
  30. Ride the Pubcycle – wanna drink beer and pedal around Asheville? Well this is your experience then!
  31. Drink Craft Beer at Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria – this place is legendary! Not only do they have great pizza, but they also have so many craft beer taps available. Highland Brewing, Asheville’s 1st legal brewery, actually started in the basement of this building, and got known originally by their “secret tap” that they ran up into the pizzeria when they first started.
  32. Visit the Flat Iron on Wall Street & Battery Park Avenue – you can usually find a few busker’s jamming in front of it, the new Flat Iron Hotel just opened next door, Early Girl Eatery and The Marketplace Restaurant, two tasty eateries, are right down the street!
  33. Ride on a Tukit Tour – you know those little taxi vehicles that you might have seen in Thailand and China? Well they are right here in Asheville too!
  34. Eat at Salsa’s Latin Cuisine – this place put out some of the best Latin dishes that I have ever eaten in my life. Hector, Aimee, and their crew did wonders with this place!

The South Slope:

  1. Drink Brews & Eat Pizza at Asheville Brewing – as you leave the center of downtown, and head down the South Slope, the 1st brewery that you will come across is this one. Stop here to taste a nice selection of craft brews and some yum pizza!
  2. Drink Craft Brew at Burial Beer – this brewery is second to none here in Asheville. Three friends started out on the west coast, came to Asheville, started this brewery, put out some amazing brews, and have now expanded to Charlotte North Carolina. And the food they have here is delish!
  3. Go Pole Dancing at Empyrean Arts – everyone needs to dance on a pole at least one in their life, or maybe twice. The folks that go here have so much talent and this is actually an incredible experience.
  4. Drink Hard Ciders at Urban Orchard – in the middle of a dozen or so beer breweries, this one cider brewery stands out and they have so many great flavors to try!
  5. Eat Donuts at Vortex – do you love donuts? Well then you are going to really love these! Get their signature donut, so delish!
  6. Drink Craft Beer at Green Man Brewing – yes, this spot is a must for beer lovers. Visit Asheville’s 1st illegal distillery, and if you’re really cool, visit their little dive bar next door, Dirty Jack’s!
  7. Eat BBQ at Bear’s Smokehouse – have you ever eaten Bear Balls? Well they are so delicious and you can get them here… a ball mixed with BBQ, mac & cheese, cornbread, yum yum yum!
  8. Drink Sake at Ben’s Tune Up – beer not your thing? What about some Sake? Yes! Try this spot out, plus they have a great outdoor space to hang, lot of music and fun times!
  9. Visit the South Slope Mural Trail – Asheville has a lot of art all around, and the South Slope features many great pieces of art for you to check out!
  10. Eat Dinner at Cultura – here’s a higher end restaurant for this part of town with some delicious bites! This is a restaurant concept launched by the folks at Wicked Weed Brewing.
  11. Drink Craft Brews at Hi-Wire Brewing – located in the spot that used to house Craggie Brewing, one of Asheville’s 1st breweries ever; they have made a great little spot to hang, drink craft brews, and have a good time!
  12. Drink Brews at Catawba Brewing – this brewery was one of the original businesses to take the Slope Slope of Asheville to better heights. Years ago, you didn’t go down in the part of the neighborhood, but then Buxton Hall BBQ (now closed), Catawba Brewing, and Vortex Doughnuts took this strip and revived the community.
  13. Eat Deliciousness at Little Chango – the Latin food here is so amazingly tasty! Definitely eat here in-between downing craft brews.
  14. Drink Sour Brews at the Wicked Weed Funkatorium – sick of regular beer and craft brews? Maybe it’s time to go sour. And this is the perfect place for it!
  15. Drink Craft Beer at Twin Leaf Brewing – here’s a little brewery that’s not too loud and proud, but they have many tasty craft brews and a great spot to hang!

River Arts District:

  1. Drink Craft Brews at Wedge Brewing – one of Asheville’s original breweries, located right here in the funky RAD!
  2. Eat Craft Pizza at Fresh Wood Fired – the craft pizza is simply amazing. They make one of my favorite pizzas that I have ever had in my entire life! They also have a location in Black Mountain NC.
  3. Drink Wine at Pleb Urban Winery – thinking about wine? How about some craft wine from this incredible winery right here in Asheville North Carolina? Yes!
  4. Visit the Art Galleries at Pink Dog Creative Studios – there are many art studios all around the RAD, but here is a great place to start!
  5. Watch a Movie at Grail Moviehouse – here’s a funky little local movie house in Asheville that features some great films for you to enjoy!
  6. Eat Seafood at Bull & Beggar – this spot is so delicious from start to finish. I am telling you, get the seafood tower!
  7. Go to a Concert at The Grey Eagle – one of Asheville’s greatest music venues over the years. We have had so many fun times here with family and friends!
  8. Eat Deliciousness at Rosabee’s – one of the top restaurants in Asheville to us, and many other feel the same. Such great eats here all around!
  9. Visit the Art Galleries at Marquee – check out all of the beautiful art exhibits here at the Marquee in the Asheville RAD!
  10. Skateboard at the Skate Park – they have an indoor and outdoor skate park right here at The Foundation. You can walk around this area, eat, drink, and check out the shops!

Biltmore Village:

  1. Visit the Biltmore Estate – everyone should tour this amazing private mansion and the beautiful grounds that surround it!
  2. Eat at The Corner Kitchen – this restaurant was already cooking up some great eats, and then a few celebrities mentioned them, establishing them on the foodie map! Now they are better than ever.
  3. Drink Spirits at Eda Rhyne Distillery – the Asheville area only has a handful of distilleries and this one produces some great spirits!
  4. Eat at Fig Bistro – we have had so many wonderful foodie experiences here at Fig! Definitely make reservation here when you are in the area.
  5. Visit the Grand Bohemian Hotel – even if you are not staying at this hotel, definitely stop by and check out their amazing fireplace and tasty restaurant! Lot’s of the decor came from the private collection of Mr. Richard Keller.
  6. Eat at Andaaz Indian Cuisine – love Indian food? Well then you need to try the cuisine that this spot is putting out!
  7. Get Bagels at Bruegger’s – there are not too many bagels in the Asheville area, so when I am on this side of town, I like stopping by here! Another option is that you can order fresh-made bagels from Asheville Bagel Co. and they are delish!
  8. Smoke a Cigar at Casablanca – I don’t smoke cigars myself, but we have had some great times with friends drinking bourbon while they smoke. We also got to party with the Jack Daniels crew here one night. Those folks are wild!
  9. Eat Tex-Mex at The Cantina – talk about fresh tex-mex, this crew has always put out some delicious and healthy eats!
  10. Drink Craft Brews & Eat at Hillman Beer – this little brewery has some tasty beer and great food, including this delicious Patty Melt and Reuben. They also have a location in Old Fort North Carolina.

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