NC Vacation Getaway Spotlight: Spend The Night in Jail

Old Marshall NC Jail Entrance

Vacations can be a lot of things. They can be one of the best times of the year, and they could sometimes take a turn for the worse. Jail is one of the last places that you want to end up while on vacation, but sometimes it happens. We were looking for an adventure recently on Airbnb. We like to take quirky off-the-beaten-path trips that are pretty much unforgettable. This became one of those times. We came across a listing for a bunk room in an old jail located in Marshall NC. We had never spent the night in jail, at least not together, so we decided to book it. And we are so glad we did!

Old Marshall NC Jail & Madison County Courthouse

The Old Marshall Jail is located right down the street from the Madison County Courthouse so that means that after court, some were escorted down the street in handcuffs to their new residence.

Old Marshall Jail Common Area

We walked inside the Old Marshall Jail – to the left was the central booking station and to the right was the common area, that featured a comfortable seating area with a couch and tables. On the other side of the room was the wet bar. We don’t know exactly what they used it for back then, but we’re pretty sure they weren’t serving craft beer, fine wine and amazing cocktails as they do today. There is also a jail commissary on the far end of the first floor called Zadie’s Market, and they have so many local eats, treats and drinks to choose from. This is the type of jail that you’ll want to get locked up in.

Old Marshall Jail Hall & Stairway

We walked up the stairs to the cell block. There was a little old-fashioned telephone like my mother used to have in her kitchen, which made it feel a little more like home. They used a bunch of the old jail cell bars & steel mixed with contemporary design, taking us back to the history of what this place once was.

Old Marshall Jail Suite

The Old Marshall Jail now has suites such as this one. When you walk inside you will feel as if you have entered another world – a boutique hotel. We love that they chose to capture the history forever and repurposed this space, making something beautiful out of the existing structure instead of tearing it down for new construction.

Old Marshall Jail Cell Bunk Bed

We wanted the full experience, so this was our preferred room. A bunk bed, some shelving, a sink, and a desk to write friends & family back home. The room was a little bigger than a 6 by 9 and we had a great time. We woke up the next morning doing push ups & jumping jacks on the cold concrete floor. Perfect all around.

Old Marshall Jail Bathroom

The bathroom and shower was right outside of our cell, so easy access. After our workout, we co-showered to save water and for the full jailhouse experience. The other suite cells have their own private bathrooms & showers for those of you who need more privacy.

Old Marshall Jail Bar of Soap

They even gave us these cute little bars of soap, but not on a rope. Luckily, we didn’t drop it.

Old Marshall Jail Guests Only

They have an upper patio area for ‘guest inmates only’ where you can overlook the French Broad River, the train tracks, and the bridge to the other side (freedom). This is where we got to eat dinner and it was so amazingly delicious, most likely some of the best food this jailhouse has ever had. See the eats below:

Old Marshall Jail Salad

We ordered this fresh salad made with local greens, blackberries, croutons, and a sweet vinaigrette dressing.

Old Marshall Jail - Chicken Sandwich & Fries

Their chicken sandwich is a really popular item on the menu. We could tell that because so many people were eating it. This was not ours, but we did manage to get a picture of it. We are definitely ordering it next time we get sentenced to a stay there.

Old Marshall Jail Cheeseburger

With all of the cheeseburgers going around, we try to only eat the best of the best. This one was definitely exceptional. And what’s a cheeseburger without fries? Well this one could stand alone, but the french fries were a tasty addition to the plate.

Old Marshall Jail Bar

Everything goes back on lockdown once the kitchen & bar closes, but trustee guests can still roam around the facility, hang on the patio, and go out & about in downtown Marshall NC.

Old Marshall Jail & Madison County Courthouse at Night

The late-night quietness of this small town was comforting. We got away from the hustle & bustle of a bigger city and ended up in a place of peace and solitude, even if it was a jail cell. Delicious eats, top notch hospitality, and the best cellmates ever. By the time our stay was over, we were shouting… “LOCK ME UP, THROW AWAY THE KEY!” Can’t wait to get locked up again! Thank you Old Marshall Jail.

If you own or manage a great place to stay and you would like us to visit, get in touch with us and let’s make some plans!

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