Eats & Drinks at The Golden Pineapple in West Asheville

Golden Pineapple West Asheville

We must say that The Golden Pineapple in West Asheville has become one of our favorite spots in the area. We noticed a little bit of a funky Brooklyn vibe, maybe even like the date night cocktail lounge called Pix in Portland; but here in Asheville. Drinks, food, music, and a hipster heaven. That is what makes this place so westside and we wouldn’t have it anywhere else around town.

Golden Pineapple Bar - West Asheville

They have a couple of high top tables when you enter and then a line of tables to the right, with booth and chair seating for each one. When you look at the bar, it may take you back to the 70s or 80s, not only with the décor, but also with the patrons who line the seats of this great place. You need to really experience this spot, it is like none other in Asheville.

Cocktails At The Golden Pineapple - West Asheville

We grabbed a high top table and started off with a couple of cocktails, and of course we had to get their signature drink… The Golden Pineapple. It was simply delicious and we will now order it every time we go! We also ordered a couple of $4 specialty shots. Boom! Oh, and we had a Slush cocktail for dessert too, shhhhh. You can see the choices on the cocktail menu below.

The Golden Pineapple also has tasty food! We ordered some small plates and ate some roasted mushrooms followed by chicken wings. So delicious. We got to speak to one of the owners who was working the FOH with a golden pineapple tattoo on her arm, and then the other owner who was coming out of the BOH with the eats.

The Golden Pineapple Cocktail Menu

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