Dinner at Jargon Restaurant in West Asheville

West Asheville has some really great restaurants which is one of the reasons we eat out on that side of town regularly! Jargon has definitely boosted the food scene on the westside. On top of that, they recently teamed up with Steven Goff as their Exec Chef, and he is a mastermind that puts together amazingly delicious and unique dishes.

We decided to start with this Mezcal cocktail. It was red and pretty, and tasted so good, definitely my new favorite craft cocktail in the area.

Even though their appetizers are like wow, it was a little late, so we decided to go straight for the main course! When it came out, I was like “is that Pork Belly & Popcorn?!” This dish was so good, and what was even more exciting was that one person in our party had never tried pork belly before. It was a wonderful first time and she wouldn’t let go of the plate once she had a taste.

The braised short ribs were so tasty; this is the plate that I got stuck on. The food at this restaurant is truly second-to-none in all of Asheville and you would not regret this amazing cuisine.

This pre-dessert cocktail was called “Daddy” something and we had such a great time filling in the blank when we couldn’t remember the name of it. Thanks for the fun cocktails names!

Now we hardly eat dessert, you know, the stay healthy, low sugar garbage that has been shoved down our throats. But this time we made an exception. They had this rice pudding with caramel and crunchies on it, so we decided to share it. Oh my goodness, I grew up on rice pudding and this took the cake in one bite. Amazing time all around, as always, can’t wait to go back.

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