Social Media

Our Asheville based social media team assists clients in many areas. Many companies look at the social world through a mechanical lens, but we see it from a different angle. We utilize it by implementing old fashioned relationship building techniques. And guess what? It works! Here’s how we can help you:

Social Media Establishment – Setting up social media platforms is more than just making an account on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. It is supposed to be an effort that is done in a very comprehensive manner. From getting the correct account name and URL that matches your brand, to branding your platform so it matches your website, then SEO optimizing the social media platforms so that the search engines will pay attention to them. All of this is essential when setting up your social media platforms.

Social Media Content – Once you are setup, it doesn’t end there. Content creation is one of our specialties and having the proper balance will not only put you in front of your desired audience, but also ahead of your competition. As many other companies are showing up on the scene and offering the same services and products that you do, it is your responsibility to step above them with better social media content such as great photos, videos, and blogs. We do an evaluation of your business or mission and come up with a fortified content plan that will help you gain attention and grow.

Social Media Management – our Asheville based social media team manages your platforms and content so that it is distributed in a manner that connections can respond to. We represent you on a neutral level that leaves your business open to all potential clients and opportunities, in that your brand is not smothered behind a social personality that is deemed unsocial.

After helping hundreds of businesses in the Asheville area with their social media efforts, we are ready to help you get it established, or re-established; and then implemented successfully from here on out.

Asheville Social Media - Facebook

Facebook is one of key platforms that you should use in your social media efforts when it comes to posts, photos, and videos.

Asheville Social Media - Instagram

Instagram is the king when it comes to photo social media, and you can also connect it with Facebook.

Asheville Social Media - YouTube

YouTube rules when it comes to videos, and you can embed these videos on your website and blog as well.

Asheville Social Media - Blogs

Blogging on your website gives Google and other search engines a good reason to revisit your site and improve SEO.

Asheville Social Media - Twitter

Twitter is a great place to not only network, but to also post text, photos, videos, and distribute links to your website.

Asheville Social Media - LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about business and credibility and you should definitely have an active presence on this social platform.

``After working with this team, I now only measure social media by results``