An Amazing Dinner at The Star Diner in Marshall NC

Star Diner Marshall NC

The Star Diner in Marshall NC is about 25 minutes north of Asheville and well worth the short road trip for a true foodie! Just walking up to the restaurant will take you back into time. As you can see, they had a old taxi cab parked in the courtyard and it’s probably been sitting there for many years, or so we thought. Do you see that lady in the doorway? Well after dinner, she actually pulled me into the cab to show me the back seat, and as the other guests said… “the windows fogged up pretty quickly.” I had to do a cab run before she made me pay my fare. But that wasn’t the only thing that night that made it a happy ending. Read more…

Start Diner Open For Business in Marshall NC

The Town of Marshall is so cute and historic and this restaurant represents it well. If you want some history, but also want to feel like you are part of it; eat here! Think about years past and how it used to be. But here it still is.

Prosecco at the Star Diner in Marshall NC

They had a fine wine and beer selection on the menu and we chose some bubbly to start. So good, a great conversation, and laughs.

Beet Salad at the Star Diner in Marshall NC

Anytime there is beet salad on the menu, we are sure to get it. And this came with cheese and nuts, and some amazing dressing that will have you begging for more.

Filet Medallions at the Star Diner in Marshall NC

The Filet Medallions were like WOW! Yeah, you have had steak, but sometimes you have STEAK!!! This was all that and then some.

Lobster Seafood Pasta at the Star Diner in Marshall NC

The Lobster Fettucine was so delicious! My one-night-stand actually invaded my plate for some of this. And I couldn’t blame her, she was definitely welcome. How can you eat something this delicious and not want others to try it?! If you are in the Asheville area, head a little north to the Star Diner. You can thank me later. The Chef used to work for Tupelo Honey, but don’t hold that against him, because it was a great starting point for the fine cuisine that they now offer here in Madison County North Carolina.

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